Yellowood is a registered trademark, specialized in the manufacture of Fingerboard products. Our goal is to develop Fingerboard in a professional way. Innovation, creativity, searches for better products and high quality, are some of the key factors of our Brand.

Yellowood Fingerboard wood decks are made with six, five, or four plies depending on the deck model and total know-how based on experience, through out hundreds of prototypes, test decks and over 30 different moulds, so now, we are confident about our product and consider it to be one, with the best quality Fingerboards in the market.

We only use top expensive materials in glue/varnish, top quality exotic woods and spend many hours of work in each Fingerboard deck. We also design most of our tools in order to make a perfect craftsmanship wood Fingerboard with outstanding performance. We have a strong quality control standard in which every product will have to pass before it will be ready to sell.

Yellowood is more than a Fingerboard deck, is a concept and the yellow colour is the centre of that concept. So we added yellow dyed plies to all our Fingerboard decks and in all graphics a yellow element, doing this our Fingerbaord decks have a strong personality and coherence. Our graphic designs are made by professionals and respected designers. Yellowood always was and always will be influenced by skateboarding and we believe that a graphic deck is a very creative form of expression. We see our Fingerboard decks as art objects.